Life is Great

Happy Oscars weekend! Here are more movies for the occasion!

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12 Responses to Life is Great

  1. willwot says:

    Les Whaaa??

  2. Elisabeth says:

    This is brilliant! Thanks for making me smile on a not so great day.

  3. Wildbird says:

    And off you go to the guilotine LIFE IS GREAT

  4. Jeremy says:

    Including the “Reign of Terroir” act,
    pass the Romanée-Conti (to extract)

  5. Ian says:

    ? Always look on the bright side of life ?

  6. I love this one!  Better formidable than miserable!

    I have never understood why being miserable is considered to be a good thing!

  7. Wildbird says:

    Rosepiere is on the right

  8. Qov says:

    Awesomely Canadian. Formidable! Americans: the word is the French foh-mee-DAH-bley with a meaning closer to “fantastic” than English for-MID-a-bl.

    • Doug says:

      Too true! After I posted this, I realized that it probably made more sense to people with a bit of a background in French language. Thanks for clarifying the meaning and pronunciation!

      I always think of “formidable” as the French version of “awesome!”

      • sam says:

        Just like Les Miserables. Describes miserable ones or wretched people. In english it doesn’t make much sense to just say “The Miserables.” I don’t have a background in french but I just assumed that this title had a similar variation as “Les Mis…” and got the joke.

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