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The latest info on Savage Chickens news and media appearances.

May 2012: Interview on Comics Coast To Coast

November 2011: Interview on InkOUTBREAK

May 2011: Interview on aqnb

May 2011: Guest post on The Huffington Post

March 2011: 3:00 PM (PST) – Interview, CBC Radio 3, Lanarama

March 2011: 7:50 AM (PST) – Interview, CBC Radio One, Vancouver, The Early Edition

EVENTS: Where’s Doug?

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By day, Doug Savage edits software manuals for a giant corporation; by night, he is the creator of Savage Chickens, a cartoon drawn entirely on sticky notes.

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How one man can consistently cram so much funny into one sticky note is a mystery which will vex scientists for centuries.
— Wil Wheaton, actor & author of Just a Geek