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9 Responses to Aquaman

  1. heyyyy says:

    Aquaman needs to go to arizona to be useless?

  2. r.fuel says:

    Hahahaha. An old friend and I once determined that Aquaman was easily the gayest of the Superfriends. That shiny shirt… Capri pants… It’s just good math, people.

  3. stitchboogerz says:

    funny stuff…but it’s also been a long day.

  4. Tims Baby says:

    aquaman is gay but why does it have to be arizona on that? i am from arizona.

  5. pckpckpcgaa! says:

    A-ha-hahhahahah! Totally!

  6. trog69 says:

    I’m from ‘zona and I ain’t callin’ im!

  7. Irish says:

    Arizona-no humidity – get it? Come on, it wasn’t that hard.

  8. Jamie says:

    epsilons don’t deserve to be saved. live on aquaman!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Captain Obvious is the best super hero because he always says things that everybody already knows and agrees with.


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