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9 Responses to Night Of The Hoff

  1. doninstatesville says:

    Why, indeed…?

  2. Much Gooder says:

    I’m deeply disturbed ,yet slightly intrigued by today’s chicken.

  3. Melinika says:

    I bet the dream looked something like the horror that is the Hasselhoff recursion.

  4. Much Gooder says:

    Melinika, I am even more disturbed. Even chickens can not dream that up. We are all going to need therapy soon.

  5. CincyRob says:

    The title has a nice Transylvanian Dracul-dream aspect to it, I think. Nice touch. Terrifying, but apt.

  6. jeninator says:

    im betting that the chicken is now severely scarred for life because of that dream…and he’ll end up getting coloring books for teh rest of his life….but thats just me…

  7. chicken cheerleader says:

    Maybe The Hasselhoff’s sandy hair, rich tan and skimpy speedo mystified him….mmmm, Hasselhoff! LK, lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    That chicken doesn’t know the Hoff of it.

  9. leo lindquist says:

    where could I find a Hoff cartoon with caption “Rosie, you are a god damned jewel”?

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