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More Christmas.

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13 Responses to Impostor

  1. Seth says:

    Oh I get it; no comments appearing just means that the comment mod (Doug, is that you there?) Is down with the flue 🙂

  2. Sara J. says:


  3. Crucifire says:

    Communist cookies.. mmmmm

  4. tish says:

    he’s in the wrong place.
    he needs to go to the thunderbird lodge outside of zion. they have advertised for years that they serve up
    ‘ho made pies.’
    ho ho ho.

  5. Hulk say... says:

    …you vouldn’t like Karl Marx when he angry. Give da cookies!

    Hey Doug, is this a sly statement about the “free-rider” problem in socialist or communist systems? Or just an excuse to try out drawing Marx?

  6. Trog says:

    “The Theory of Doughnuts may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.”

    — Karl Marx

  7. Luwano says:

    Chickens don’t like Marx’, neither Karl nor someone in a Groucho costume.

    Brilliant intertwining once more, Mr. Savage.

    I wonder if you really thought of the Heaven cartoon, when you drew this one.


  8. 3v11 says:

    Probably just a reason to draw Marx 🙂
    I totally loved this one. Just like the previous one about Santa. Go on with these christmas cartoons.

  9. Haha…Karl Marx loves cookies.

  10. felix says:

    Love it Doug.It sums up the original theses by Feurbach and possibly Althusser completley.And didnt they get into trouble. Feurbach went mad and Althusser killed his wife.The simple answer was, they didnt have enough cookies…

  11. Crucifire says:

    @ Doug – U don’t reply to comments? u shud… wud make them a lot more interesting and interactive..

  12. Doug says:

    @Crucifire – i try but i often don’t get a chance these days cuz i’ve been so darn busy!

    @Hulk and 3v11 – heheh ya this wasn’t actually an excuse to draw Karl Marx – I came up with the idea for this cartoon first, and then I avoided drawing it for a while because I didn’t think I could draw Karl Marx. But I really like how he turned out in the end.

  13. linda weisgram says:

    I’m lovinglovingloving the Christmas cartoons.

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