Savage Chickens - Kidneys!

The unexpected theme week continues!

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13 Responses to Kidneys!

  1. Big Egg says:

    I love zombies. Keep up the good work.

  2. steve says:

    I’m begining to worry for Brains, what will the Thunderbirds do without him?

    : )

  3. Jan Shane says:

    You are profoundly in need of professional help.

  4. Douglas Troy says:

    Excellent! I laughed out loud at this one.

  5. Mike T says:

    ha ha ha ha ha, Doug you love us so much, ha ha ha, “the unexpected theme week”, ha ha, never seen before, thx a lot seriously, have a nice zombiesrday

  6. Will says:

    Wait… Livers, right?

  7. Tyson says:

    That is fantastic…

  8. Dinana says:

    Zombie version of Rock, Paper, Scissors???

  9. Seraphine says:

    i’ve heard he’s writing a scholarly book on how to autoclave a brain to prevent premature reanimation in a hospital setting.

  10. Bri says:

    —why havent the zombies turned on and ate the neuroligist’s brains yet?

  11. Mike T says:

    @Bri Dear Bri the reason would be that the neurologist it’s actually a Zombie, despite of how lucid it looks while saying Brains and training other zombies, the fact would be that the neurologist it´s no longer among living but among the brain eaters instead. keep posted!

  12. Aud says:

    Gotta love the cross-eyed zombie-chickens.
    ..”Lions, tigers and BRainS, brAINS BRAINS!”

  13. Tatiana says:

    Man, I loved it! And to make it even better, I actually *am* a neurologist :D

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