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9 Responses to Follow

  1. steve says:

    grrr, damn Munchkins, get ’em Toto!

    I wanna be a Witch!


  2. Union Tom says:


  3. Cerino says:

    hauhauhauhau xD..nice! 😀

  4. sadi says:

    Thanks for the much needed laugh this morning!

  5. Jürgen says:

    Haha, Toto is not amused.

    There’s no place like

  6. Robert D. Johnson says:

    @Jurgen, especially if is your home page.

  7. Raquel says:


  8. Aud says:

    Honestly, I woulda told that munchkin to “SHUT THE HE** UP!” 🙂

  9. Dee says:

    I’m still amazed that you can make a chicken look angry!

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