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21 Responses to ROFL

  1. Nick says:

    Great one Doug! It made my day!

  2. Linga says:

    TRTRTRIOF…..The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

  3. Rahp says:

    I always feared something like this would come one day and I’d be unable to do anything about it… Those acronyms!

  4. Ant says:

    How did that chicken get on fire?

  5. calagara says:

    You are the funniest person on the planet. thanks again for starting my day laughing!

  6. panzi says:

    Or the all time favorite of Bill Baily: ROFLYST. Rolling on floor laughing, yet somehow typing.

  7. samuel says:


  8. Sammy says:

    Oh, if only I could count the number of times this acronym would have come in handy…

    Hillarious as always, Doug! 😀

  9. Nell says:

    I rarely laugh out LOUD at these. Nearly fell off my chair this time around . . .

  10. willwot says:

    nice, well laughed ,sir, well laughed.

  11. Heinrich says:

    roflcopter 🙂

  12. Mon says:


    Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?? 😀

  13. mariusg says:

    and i don’t even know what ROFL means.. 😛 good cartoon.

  14. tavvie says:


  15. Asha says:

    VWP, Doug!

  16. ROFLHOOD says:

    That’s how ROFLHOOD cooks ALL his chickens!

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