Nap Time

More PROD3000.

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7 Responses to Nap Time

  1. steve says:

    we shouldn’t nap at work?


  2. Nicole says:

    This is brilliant! I will say this to my boss next time he finds me daydreaming :))

  3. Yes, that employee is being considerate, and thinking of his boss. He should–perhaps–get an employee-of-the-month award for his thoughtfulness and selfless attitude!

  4. Ant says:

    I do this daily without any problems. 😛

  5. willwot says:

    Only two hours? What is a chicken to do when in need of beauty sleep?

  6. mariusg says:

    Because of the economic cut downs we must reduce the work nap to one hour.

  7. Pablo Bleyer says:

    PROD3000 is so 2000’s. Are we gonna have PROD4000 soon? 😉

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