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This one is dedicated to reader Franklin S. and his cat, Buddy!

And here are more cats.

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11 Responses to What’s On

  1. steve says:

    brilliant, there is a plant on my TV


  2. Gale says:

    Chickens have a cat?! Ummm, if that were my cat, those chickens would be devoured in 10 minutes flat! 🙂

  3. grinder says:

    The story of my life! 🙂

  4. dredpiratebunny says:

    this also is true when a laptop is involved.

  5. Luu says:

    Thank you, Doug. That is so true!

  6. Wildbird says:

    We used to have a siamese cat that would sit on top of our TV

  7. karina says:

    It’s like you are drawing my house. My cat also loves to rub to mark or stretch on the tv turning it sideways.

  8. Tony Clark says:

    Before I got my flat screen TV, my cat loved sleeping on top of the cathode ray tube. And I thought his tail hanging in front of the screen was annoying. That is until he started sitting in front of the screen. LOL

  9. cleo says:

    My cats can’t get in front of my TV – but they can get on top of it (and do) 🙂

  10. Franklin S. says:

    OMG I had a cartoon dedicated to me!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! Now, if Buddy would move I could see the news and now what was happening in the world.

    -Franklin & Buddy

  11. tamhra says:

    we lease the tv from our cat

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