Fresh New Ideas

Dedicated to Carolina in Peru! Happy birthday to you!

Here’s more PROD3000.

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5 Responses to Fresh New Ideas

  1. willwot says:

    To the thief go the trinkets. Make sure the ideas dazzle, oops baffle, PROD with b.s.

  2. Wildbird says:

    Industrial spies for fresh ideas becuase the company executive who came up with fresh ideas has retired

  3. Carolina says:

    Hey Doug!!!!! thanks for the comic!!!…I am having an amazing birthday!! 🙂

    “Carolina from Peru”

  4. Doug says:

    That would actually be preferable to what my boss does. It goes like this.
    Boss: “I want you to implement [insert buzzword he heard at a conference]”
    Me: “What business need will this serve?”
    Boss: [blank stare]

  5. azereth says:

    My Bday is on August 23…Just saying :3

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