Tree Feelings

More trees.

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5 Responses to Tree Feelings

  1. Wildbird says:

    Trees have feelings Well theres AL GORE

  2. Willwot says:

    Morris Albert had “Feelings” back in the 1970’s, about the time this tree got planted, he got over them . . .

  3. Allen's Brain says:

    Why is that dog smiling while he wees?
    Oh dear God! WHY?

    • Niri Tacen says:

      That feel when you’ve been holding it in and finally get to Let It Go….

      Let it go!
      Let it go!
      Can’t hold it back anymore
      Let it go!
      Let it go!
      Turn away and slam the door
      I don’t care
      What they’re going to say
      Let the storm rage on
      I had to go to pee anyway

  4. Peter Wolff says:

    If only the tree’s bark was a bit louder …

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