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Dedicated to Isabel, who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday Isabel!

And here’s more Little Chicken.

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Birthday Milestones

Dedicated to Molly! Happy 21st birthday, Molly!!

You may remember Molly from my cartoon for her 16th birthday.

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Savage Chickens - 1000th Cartoon!

Today is my 1000th cartoon! Amazing!! And to celebrate, I’m going to try to draw and post 1000 chickens today! I’ll be posting them over here on Flickr throughout the day!

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Savage Chickens - 500th Cartoon!

Today is my 500th Savage Chickens cartoon! So I thought I’d celebrate by drawing 500 chickens on a sticky note. (Actually it’s a megasticky note.)

Click the cartoon to see a larger version!

See if you can spot PROD3000, Timmy Tofu, a worm, a zombie chicken, Mr. Stinky, the Crabbit, Aquachicken, a Cro-Magnon chicken, a three-eyed chicken, and more!

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