An Important Milestone

I seem to be in a birthday state of mind this week.

Maybe because I feel like celebrating — I just sent my Laser Moose files to the publisher! woohoo! 🙂

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15 Responses to An Important Milestone

  1. Ant says:

    How many candles are those? 40?

  2. Michaël says:

    Wooh, well, I’m turning 30 tomorrow, so I do hope the birthday mood will go on for one more comic! 😀

  3. Crista says:

    Happy birthday to me! Yep, no more candles. Happy early birthday, Michaël!

  4. mariusg says:

    :)) they should turn to digit candles

  5. Michelle says:

    Woo hoo! Congrats on Laser Moose.

  6. Sam says:

    Well that was a wise observation

    • willwot says:

      And like the old witches in the past that seem to know just a little to much, might I guess candles are the symbol for burning at the stake.

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