Getting Older

Happy birthday, people born today!

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12 Responses to Getting Older

  1. Anon. says:

    i was so much older then, i’m younger than that now …

  2. Crista says:

    Thanks for the early birthday cartoon. ???? I’ll be sure to not say tomorrow that I’m getting wiser.

  3. ash says:

    When I was younger I used to think that I was wise. But now I’ve wised up to the fact that I’m a moron. That’s the price of being self aware.

  4. antonio bond says:

    Doug, for my BD!

    Tanks… Still waiting for a Dr. Smith Cartoon… 😉

    Oh the pain!

  5. Jackson says:

    I’m not getting older, I’m getting la-a-a-arger.

  6. What Pidgeon? says:

    Why is he already wise/ old when he is 4?

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