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6 Responses to Might As Well Jump

  1. BinaryGuy says:

    Eddie must be turnign in his grave too!

    What? He’s still alive too? How old are the freaks now any ways?

    ..move along, move along, these are not the comments you are looking for….

  2. chicken cheerleader says:

    WOW! Chickens CAN rock!
    *plays air guitar*

  3. srvvrs says:

    Ok….but it is ok that I actually have a Paul Anka cd, right?……..anybody?……….right?……..oh nooooo….

  4. Doug Savage says:

    Hey I actually have Paul Anka’s new CD and it’s amazing. He does some fantastic covers – Eyes Without A Face, True, Black Hole Sun. The man is brilliant, even if he is one of the signs of the coming apocalypse.

  5. srvvrs says:

    Hey I must admit… Eyes Without a Face is really cool. Why am I not surprised that Anka is Canadien? Do you all know each other? He should really do videos of those songs, exactly as the original artist did them. Or is there something “Weird Al” about that?

  6. sam says:

    I had to look this up, I… I think I’m in love…

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