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15 Responses to An Apple A Day

  1. trog69 says:

    Your cartoons scrambled my brain; then they fried it, and i’ve been stewing over this all day. Now i’m boiling mad. Go fricasee yourself!

  2. trog69 says:


  3. bluebaby says:

    great comics,,keep em coming…i have a feeling these characters will be a hit..

  4. r.fuel says:

    Also, fill the apples with shards of glass and razor blades…

  5. carl says:

    Rather old joke, just a bit rehashed.

  6. JoshGIR says:

    … and if you really wanna keep him away, throw in some gun powder and a lit match…

  7. zyder333 says:

    what if it dosent keep him away then what’ll you do…?
    Pull out a grenade painted like an apple. but it would be
    “A grenade a lifetime keeps the doctor away”

  8. ettagroove says:

    I love a sarcastic chicken! I want more….

  9. MalikElBatata says:

    just write on the apple “i have no insurance” you’ll keep both the doctors and the hospitals away

  10. modis says:

    how do you make a bomb look like an apple?

  11. Gloria says:

    Their Chickens for corn sakes yes if they have apples to throw it would be the eyes to aim for. It save them from having to peck your eyes out.

  12. neolle says:

    quick! behind you!

  13. zyder33 says:

    modis, not a bomb a grenade, and you paint it!cerealist , halarious!

  14. eyesnapped says:

    wow. shut up and stop trying to outdo the original joke. e.g — “THROW IN SOME GUN POWDER…PULL OUT A GRENADE”
    You sound like prepubescents. Grow up.

  15. Dr. Pomme says:

    The identity of the ninja-chicken is revealed!

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