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11 Responses to Choose X

  1. Karma Girl says:

    To me X=becoming a world famous writer and/or one of the first citizens to colonize Mars. What does your X equal?

  2. Doug Savage says:

    For me? X = writing a dozen or so great novels, and drawing chicken cartoons of course!

  3. d'oh boy says:

    for me…x = securing naming rights for chicken #2. that, or shooting laser beams out of my eyes while talking like yoda, whichever comes first.

  4. Katherine says:

    I’m still not entirely sure what my X is but I sure know ppl wish I was wanting to be a lawyer instead.

    which reminds me! I saw Iced T the other day at the shopping center and he gave me props for jumping up and down like an idiot with both thumbs up!

  5. SirWinsalot says:

    What does X equal? Dang, I did not know life/comedy would equal a pop quiz, otherwise I might have paid more attention to one of them.

    Despite my ineptitude a great cartoon.

  6. Zebra Fish says:

    for me X=Y+2 to the power of 6. but sometimes, when i wake up i feel ” no! X=Y-1 to the power of 6″ *sigh* terrible days…

  7. Twyla says:

    My X is to be a graphic artist in marketing. Then I can annoy you all with billboards and magazine ads, and get paid with your money. And maybe even have my own robot, complete with a stick and nail.

  8. Snowdrops says:

    This is one of my favourite Chickens ever… sooooo true!

    My X changes, it used to be about being in advertising, but I got into marketing for a most boring company instead, then I wanted to be a researcher, and earn my PhD, and am now trying to just get rid of that PhD after being sick of it for years… I also wanted to be a university lecturer, and when I’m doing it now I found that it has its ups and downs…

    My secret secret X though is to be an artist and a writer – in fact I wished it on a shooting star when I was 5. Can I still work to my X?

  9. Talix says:

    I wish someone had told me that thirty years ago.

  10. stoned says:

    ya…X is a great drug.

  11. Shane Hussain says:

    Where X equals your dream
    Y equals something you can never excel at so that
    when you pursue it, you can be a “normal” person and dont threaten every other y-doer.

    chicken1: i want to do X.
    chicken2: X is very difficult. i think you should do Y.

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