Har! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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10 Responses to Talk Like A Pirate

  1. Catt says:

    Arrrr, the Savage Chickens shiver me booty once again!

  2. ladyfair says:

    If they were in a movie, it would be rated Arrrrrg.

  3. kit99 says:

    I thought I was the only one who had a fine appreciation for the linguistic sophistication that is Pirate talk. Small world after all.

  4. grubby says:

    Arrrg,scallywags you two chickens are,arrr!!

  5. Fatimajo says:

    i knew you were kool

  6. Elwood says:

    There tends to be debate among Piratic-linguists as to the correct way to spell it:
    Some hold to the “Yarrr” camp, while others say “Harr,” “Arr,” or even, what seems to be a superlative form, “Yaargh.”

    However I was only able to find one who claimed that “Yeaargh” was the only correct spelling.
    He was made to walk the plank by the other two linguists.

  7. Carol says:

    Watch out for clotted scuppers, matey! I’m going to share your silliness with my English professor. We’re studying the history of the English language. If words like podcast and blog fit in, then we can certainly save room for this fine booty!!

  8. chicken cheerleader says:

    ARRGH! My friend went to homecoming as a pirate, but not half as funny! GRRRR!

  9. DonQuinoa says:

    Happy International Lets talk like a pirate day 2006 !

    AAAAHaarrrggh may yer chickens never squable!

  10. jason says:

    neat translation

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