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11 Responses to Fire Safety

  1. jeninator says:

    wow…what a confusing situation.

    i want my hair on fire now!!

  2. chicken cheerleader says:

    HAHA, my hair is on fire before yours jen! Hmmm…pain, heat, glowy!

  3. hash says:

    Very good question.
    Apart from being a very funny and entertaining website, it’s actually raising intellectual questions.
    I checked a language book “Good Word Guide” by Martin Manser.
    There is actually no difference– except that, “flammable” being less ambiguous is prefered for warning signs. While in some expressions; “an inflammable situation”, it can’t be replaced by flammable.

  4. srvvrs says:

    If you keep up these funny cartoons, you will become famous!!! …. or is that infamous?

  5. srvvrs says:

    You will be more than famous….you will be IN-famous …. from some movie???? I forget. Steve Martin?

  6. Beth says:

    Here’s another word origin fact: irregardless is NOT a word!!!

  7. Diego says:

    not the same as “flammable/inflammable”, but a contranym is a word that can mean the opposite of itself:

  8. Mommmeeeee! says:

    Because someone overestimated the intelligence of those who find themselves in inflammable situations.

  9. lukewarmnolonger says:

    funny too that the word invincible exists but vincible doesn’t. there is an ingenious but no genious. teehee.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Being a smart-arse (Can I say that on the Inter-net?), I can safely say that INflammable actually means that something is explosive in addition to being flammable, just as being INfamous means you are well known, but not in such a nice way.

    *Grins in victory, unaware of the angry mob fighting over who gets to do the smothering first*

  11. Anonymous says:

    can i print out this cartoon and put on my office noticeboard?

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