For more honesty over drinks, see The Refreshing Truth.

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6 Responses to Honest Networking

  1. srvvrs says:

    Wait a second…does this mean there is no private island hunting grounds where accountants are taken? It is really all just superficial business contacts?

  2. srvvrs says:

    By the way, I am experienced in upper level management and have skills in sarcasm, cartooning and general rebellion against the norm.

  3. A. Klemmer says:

    The cartoons I love the most are the ones that are the most true. They’re also the ones I hate the most. Congratulations, Doug, today you hit that bitter-sweet spot. (Or am I just networking, trying to get you to come look at my not-nearly-so-polished comic strip blog?)

  4. jeninator says:

    brilliant…simply brilliant

  5. grubby says:

    I think this is normal chatter for chickens drinking wine.I do my best netwoking like they do so I guess I’ll have another.

  6. Diego says:

    i agree with A. Klemmer: my favourite cartoons those that expose scathing psychological truths. this is EXACTLY what i want to start doing when i network. i hate feigning interest in other people when really i’m just out to screw everyone over. uh… you didn’t just read that.

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