Feel the fear with these related chicken cartoons:

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4 Responses to Irrational Fear #8

  1. jeninator says:

    awesome…simply awesome

  2. Mommmeeeee! says:


    I understood Doug
    Peter Gabriel music
    never was SO fun!

    So don’t give up help
    shock the chickens for taking
    surely checked baggage

    Irrational fear:
    Those savage chickens make me
    revel in self-doubt

  3. srvvrs says:

    There Once was a chicken who clucked

    His courage was not very plucked

    Being eaten was his fear

    And as the farmer’s axe came near

    He shouted and screamed “We’re all in trouble!”

  4. Doug Savage says:

    Wow I think the next SC t-shirt contest is gonna have to be a poetry contest!

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