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7 Responses to Kong vs Aslan

  1. The Muse says:

    And the White Witch would kill them both!

  2. John says:

    Dear Muse,
    But didn’t you see the movie – ding dong, the White Witch is dead.
    (and so, for that matter is Kong, but he does seem to keep coming back.)

  3. Harmony Steel says:

    Hahahaha, brilliant :)!

  4. Connor says:

    Kong would be like, pow pow and aslan would be like, uhhggghh. I nother words kong would win. =P

  5. Anonymous says:

    My English Teacher is liam neesons sister

  6. Kale Allerion says:

    Aslan would sooo win. Kong doesn’t even come close.

  7. victoria says:

    ha ha aslan rules though me and my friend try to cetch him and kill him humpf

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