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7 Responses to Comedy Stylings

  1. Hawke says:


    I love it

  2. cyberRodent says:

    make no bones about it — those ARE chickens

  3. DryHumah says:

    Death’s jokes are slaying this audience.

  4. LazyPoint says:

    the chickens are making a killing..but seriously folks what’s up with Hell..I mean c’mon…

    Mr Mort.

  5. FeelEnergy says:

    I still don’t get why that Toucan keeps hanging out with Death…

  6. John says:

    OK, so now I guess it’s official: there IS work after death.
    Not only that but the hours are long, the pay is lousy and there’s no retirement in eternity.

  7. Mommmeeeee! says:

    Don’t quit your day job – the jokes are much more painful.

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