Today’s cartoon is dedicated to the band class at Pearson Middle School in Winsted, Connecticut! Now go practice your scales!

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6 Responses to Musical Prodigy

  1. vic says:

    Yesterday my boss played her flute all day at work and today this is the Savage Chickens! This is not the first time the chickens humored my life so precisely! Thanks for all the laughs!

  2. grubby says:

    Arent the bagpipes just a flute with a bag?

  3. sarahd says:

    Wow, thanks, Doug! My students will be thrilled 🙂
    To answer you, Grubby: no, bagpipes are quite different from the flute. Some fingerings may be similar, but they’re different beasts altogether.

    Thanks again from the Pearson Middle School Music Department here in Winchester, CT!!!
    -Sarah DiVenere

  4. M. Gillster says:

    ms. D it’s so cool you got a cartoon dedicated to us! Thanks Doug!

  5. lobo says:

    I think these chickens are following me for this stuff. And Grubby, Irish all over the world now wish to FLOG you!

  6. Paula says:

    I’m surprised no one managed to catch that Bagpipes are from Scotland.

  7. Kevin says:

    There are Irish bagpipes, although the Scottish Highland pipes are the most well known.

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