For more poetic chickens, see Poultry Poetry. For more chickens crossing roads, see last year’s Chicken Crossing Week.

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11 Responses to Chicken Poetry Reading

  1. John says:

    Wow! Zen chickens. Who’d have thought poultry could be so profound?
    (Somewhere there’s a pun here, having to do with roads and Rhode Island Reds, but it’s way too early for me to find it.)

  2. Connor says:

    I’m diggin’ it man.

  3. chikzrkul says:

    Wow. That’s deep. My pet chicken is sitting here speechless. He didn’t realize that there is no road.

  4. Elwood says:

    It’s almost exestensialist neo–platonism…

  5. smudge says:

    but which came first? The chicken or the road (within)?

  6. John says:

    Dear smudge,
    Ah, grasshopper. For the road to be WITHIN, first must come the chicken, for otherwise there would be no within to be in.

  7. Ada says:

    that is awesome on so many levels 🙂

  8. Bill P says:

    Not chicken haiku,
    Close but just not quite correct
    Cross the road again.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Suggested title:
    “I’m sorry Mr. Motorist, but I seem to have gotten my guts on your tire”

    if Mr.Stinky wrote poetry, would it be purr verse?

  10. Hilarious!! And in all honesty, a great poem too.

  11. Francisco says:

    I guess if this was part of “the Matrix” the line would go like “there is no road, it’s only your mind that crosses…”

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