Savage Chickens - Star Power

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6 Responses to Star Power

  1. thayerpg says:

    Movie Stars are better idea than politicians. Imagine the possibilities there.

  2. FreeBeeLog says:

    I can’t imagine any good reason to tie Meg Ryan’s name to a hurricane, EVER!
    Looking at her may be destructive to the heart, but that’s another matter entirely 🙂

  3. Harmonica Man says:

    Your stuff is always funny, but THIS one is really good!

  4. Jay Blogger says:

    How about Hurricane Naomi Campbell? She could get into a phone throwing fight with Hurricane Russell Crowe off the Florida coast.

  5. Snowdrops says:

    Hurricane Paris Hilton would also be one to watch out for. Especially for its amazing capacity to blow up people’s skirts and reveal nothing underneath.

  6. Taby says:

    Hurricane Jackie Chan?

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