Savage Chickens - Water Cooler

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14 Responses to Water Cooler

  1. Mau says:

    Why do all the chickens have open mouths even when they’re aren’t talking? Just curious. šŸ˜‰

  2. WhiskyKerry says:

    One is talking and the other is just shocked.

    Unless they are just normal slack jawed chickens…. but they seem to smart for that

  3. Edward says:

    So whats in that tank? Is is water or !tequila! That would make it the highlight of my day.

  4. Greatsandini says:

    True. So true. Tragically, hysterically true.

  5. Monica says:

    Funny pic! lol

  6. Michael Locker MD says:


    Michael Locker MD

  7. martin says:

    Must be something more then h2o in that water, those two chickens look
    very loaded.

  8. LazyPoint says:

    And why don’t they ever blink! You would think that of them would be caught blinking.

  9. Royboy says:

    Hmmmm,I agree with Edward there has GOT to be something in the water that is loading those chickens.

  10. Online Degree says:

    Chickens can always make something funny, even funnier.

  11. Her Holiness says:

    ok, so someone asked why they never get caught blinking, and that made me wonder…do chickens actually have eyelids? seriously. fish etc. only have a sort of filmy thing, don’t they, they don’t ever actually close their eyes…so do chickens have eyelids?

    or am i just talking nonsense?

  12. thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy says:


    Much like the television show Office and the film Office Space, I find this cartoon amusing but nevertheless depressing.

    (The sure sign of a job well done!)

  13. Caleb says:

    Yeah chickens have 3 eyelids.

  14. Emmalee says:

    The only way that the water cooler would be the highlight of my day is if the water cooler was filled with vodka or tequila!

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