Savage Chickens - Birthright

This one’s dedicated to Steve G.!

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20 Responses to Birthright

  1. Andrew says:

    I love Savage Chickens, but this one’s unfair and perpetuating a myth. In straight genetic terms, a village of fifty or a hundred people is plenty good enough to avoid inbreeding. Even in the days when Queen Victoria was known as ‘the grandmother of Europe’, the pool of genetic material of the aristocracy was widespread, and probably far more varied than the average American town.

    By all means crack the hoary old stereotypical joke, but I hope you make some cracks about the inbreeding of the average African village and Arabian Muslim family for balance too.

  2. doninstatesville says:

    I just love hoary old stereotypical jokes!

  3. Bennu says:

    Must have offended “prince” andrew. Great hoary old stereotypical joke, I needed a laugh today.

  4. hlulu says:

    But mr andrew,
    Wouldn’t that be racist?

  5. Calico Mary says:

    Holy Prozac – someone touched a nerve… Despite some ramblings, great comic Doug! By the way – being a hillbillie is not location specific. Up here in WI one only has to get off the interstate to feel the love of the banjo.

  6. 2Rabbits says:

    I’m descended from nobility on my mother’s side and hillbilles on my father’s side and I thought it was funny!

  7. clh says:

    Sheesh! Like most of the Chickens, this one made me laugh out loud. However, some things just aren’t funny and “inbreeding of the average African village and Arabian Muslim family” simply isn’t as funny as the Royal Family. Stereotypes exist because they are so often true. Ain’t it grand when a little cartoon can generate so much thought? THAT’S what great art is about! Thanx, Doug! Keep up with the hoary old jokes — they are the funniest!

  8. clh says:

    Ooopps! Ain’t I full of myself? Please excuse double-posting. Operator difficulty by newbie…. mea culpa….

  9. FreeBeeLog says:

    Hey Andrew, watch your toes!!

    This may be hoary old stereotypical, but good graceous… It’s a JOKE, man!
    I’m sure even british royalty is having a good laugh over it!

    It’s simply hilarious. I love it!

  10. hillbilly says:


    Did you miss the implied hoary old American stereotype of the inbread hillbilly?
    But we ain’t complaining, Doug!

  11. Kennedy says:

    As a hillbilly, I am offended by this comic. I am getting on my can-and-string phone and sendin’ a holler to my senator.

  12. Diego says:

    The difference between poking fun at the British monarchy and “the average African village” or “Arabian Muslim family” is based on power.

    When one makes fun of institutions, individuals, or other entities that exercise power or have extravagantly significant privileges over the majority of some given population, that’s an act of defiance.

    When one makes fun of a group that has perpetually and/or historically felt the brunt of poverty and–in more general terms–oppression from a ruling class, that’s an act of pettiness. Or worse: it’s a way of exercising power to retain power.

    Racism cannot be properly dealt with without understanding power, class, and violence historically. This, I feel, is where popular media discussion around “stereotypes” and supposed “reverse discrimination” has fallen short.

    Without understanding the overall systemic structures of power and class, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination will continue to exist… and cracking jokes about royalty in comic strips will continue to offend readers!

  13. michael deleon says:

    ahh! it’s just a comic! by arguing about it what are you going to change?(hehe)

  14. Andrew says:

    Power and politics has got nothing to do with it. It’s simply culturally insulting about people. My comment about African villagers and Arab muslims was sarcasm – I wouldn’t laugh at stereotypical myths about them either. Sorry, I know I’m sensitive, but it burns me up about the injustice. These are real people – particular individuals, humans – that many of us admire and don’t care to spit at. If you are going to spit at one group, why not spit at others, such as Africans doing crazy dances in a kraal? The queen and the chief are both deserving of respect.

  15. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t laugh at a cartoon about muslims either. But then, I’m not Danish.

  16. hlulu says:

    and lets remember that sarcasm if often missed in teh interweb!!12

  17. Judy says:

    I’ve had to go and look up ‘hoary’ in the dictionary.

    I hope you’re all happy.


  18. chickenlover says:

    I hate stereotypes when people thnk they are 100% true, but I still think they are funny if people don’t get serious *coughandrew*.

    savavge chickens=funny

  19. hillbilly_r_us says:

    fwiw, i AM a hillbilly and chicken man just made a funny. the hypothesis that 50 to 100 people in a village is enough to “avoid inbreeding” assumes that your average hillbilly WANTS to avoid inbreeding. fact is that that doesn’t often enter to the equation.

    inbreeding happens when you have sex with your rellies which isn’t too unusual amongst isolated groups of people with a propensity toward reclusiveness. after all, who do you know better than the people you spend A LOT of time with?

    hillbillies boink around like everyone else and if the only folks you know are ones you happen to be related to, well, so be it, or at least that’s how it seems to go.

    can’t say much for royalty but they do seem to fit the isolated and reclusive criteria, not to mention the propensity to boink around.

  20. Kimma says:

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe the chickens are to blame…

    Bad, bad chickens…

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