Savage Chickens - Full Potential

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8 Responses to Full Potential

  1. doninstatesville says:

    Wow! I have more potential than I had realized!

  2. WhizGidget says:


  3. Connor says:

    I have achieved my true potential, it is my high score on space invaders.

  4. tickybird says:

    My two best friends and I didnt realize we werent living up to our full potential.
    We’re making this our new motto!

  5. pigtail says:

    I’m reaching as high as I can, but I can’t quite reach my full potenti–

  6. Snowdrops says:

    Laziness as true calling… What a great motto to live by!

    Connor I know what you mean bout having true potential reflected in the highest score achieved on computer games.. Mine used to be tetris until I finally snapped out of such trance-inducing addiction!

  7. RobiNZ says:

    “Specialisation means people become more & more skilled in a smaller range of tasks.
    I’m taking it to the ultimate by being superb at doing nothing”

    U.K. Comic Kenneth Williams quoted from memory.

  8. nadhry says:

    lol, that chicken made me feel so better about myself.

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