Savage Chickens - Shag

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9 Responses to Shag

  1. 2Rabbits says:

    Most people do.

  2. Troutmaster Nick says:

    I know I did…

  3. Calico Mary says:

    Havn’e been posting latley, but I still read the chickens every day. Keep up the good work Doug!

  4. Neon says:

    Thanks Doug- todays chicken really made me laugh!

  5. Ada says:

    “…I think it might be nice beside the bed.”

  6. Alayne says:


  7. Doug Savage says:

    heheh i was actually out shopping for rugs the day that i drew this one. I’m always tempted to get a shag rug, but then I think about the food that could get lost in it. yikes.

    Good to see you again, Calico Mary!

  8. Anonymous says:

    better yet, get TWO shag rugs and you’ll never have to buy stair treads again

  9. danineteen says:

    i want a shag rug in my bedroom!

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