Savage Chickens - Time Flies

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9 Responses to Time Flies

  1. 2Rabbits says:

    Profound and obvious Truth can be SO painful!

  2. Troutmaster Nick says:

    Thats it! Remain optomistic despite all odds!

  3. Snowdrops says:

    This is way more effective than shallow slogans like Carpe Diem!

  4. Snowdrops says:

    (Sorry Doug, I can’t figure out how to create a link to this post using the link function below – I was able to link to your cartoon of course but the actual post didn’t manage to appear in your Link section below – so I just want to track back my blogpost that linked to your cartoon here:

  5. Mommmeeeee! says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    lol i love this one

  7. GoDDeSS_oF_WaR says:

    Sometimes things can be funny, some ironic, and some bbuuurrrrhhhhg! cold as a bucket of cold water on a naked body… Yet this time, it’s all three at once.

  8. crow says:


  9. Dezpez says:

    this references one of my favorite exchanges from the movie “Valley Girl”:
    Is this movie in 3D?
    No, but your FACE is!

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