Savage Chickens - People I Hate 3

Here’s more hate.

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14 Responses to People I Hate 3

  1. Much Gooder says:

    Block their view of the top so they trip while getting off. That’ll teach them!

  2. Eric says:

    Wow, you wouldn’t like the train stations in Tokyo! -Eric

  3. buttercupboxer says:

    or in an empty elevator!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love your site. It gives me a much needed laugh every day. And I agree – I also hate people who are too close in the supermarket and bump me with their carts. GRRRR!

  5. Fatima says:

    Don’t wear deodorant and build up a sweat.
    They won’t stand too close. Never again.

  6. Lakenvelder says:

    Learn to talk to yourself and make them **nervous**

  7. Monica says:

    lakenvelder, that’s a good idea! there was a guy who rode the Seattle busses who would mutter “symptomatic nerve gas” over and over. Very effective at making others back away nervously.

  8. david says:

    Worse: people who STAND STILL on escalators, as if it is some sort of freaking’ amusement park ride!

  9. Allen says:

    People I hate #5: People who can’t count.

  10. Leigh says:

    Doug –
    I whole heartedly agree with this. I thought it was just me. I have a fear of getting my shoelaces (even when I’m wearing slip on shoes) caught at the top of the escalator, so I take a giant step off. If someone is standing too close, I can’t take my big step.

  11. The Anonymous Window Washer says:

    Well uh…Personally im the kind of guy that likes to make people Uncomfortable on Escalators. Its in my job description actually. Im employed by Toys R us, who actually are in charge of a small group of elite individuals whose sole purpose in life is to annoy Post-It Cartoonists.

    I’m very, very good at what i do.

  12. Shadow says:

    Finnally a voice or should I say a cluck of reason in this crazy world. If you really want them to stop standing so close all you have to do is make them think your an escaped mental patient. You may be drug away but hey there not standing so close now are they.

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