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Today’s cartoon appears in issue #4 of Sphinx, a magazine for poetry people. Get yourself a copy at Happenstance.

And for more poetic chickens, see:

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3 Responses to You Poets

  1. buttercupboxer says:

    congradu…oh never mind I can’t spell or rhyme! good going!

  2. An Avid Learner says:

    Articulate. Now there’s a good college word. Maybe i should start inputting it into random sentences to make myself sound smarter.
    But first i need to break it down so i can know what it means:
    Obviously, the Artic is based off the waters way down south, although lacking in a middle ‘C’. So we’re obviously referring to some cold ocean. Ulate can be broken into “U Late” which is obviously a primitive attempt at a scolding for not being on time. So what we get from that is, Cold Southern Oceans Can’t Be on Time.
    Obviously this has to be made to make sense. The only phrase that really makes sense from this one is that The Arctic is never on time for anything. Clearly this has been taken as a cliche for anyone that cant make it on time.

    Thus the chicken that is attempting to berate the poet is clearly never on time and the poet is simply letting him know…

    Thus, if i say, Doug, Articulate. It means you never make it on time.

    Thanks Doug! You really helped out my Vocabulary!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some people are articulate, while… maybe… other some … not um have way… you know, with words?

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