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11 Responses to Art Gallery

  1. Stasha says:

    Oh, I can so relate to hearing those comments at the monthly gallery stroll.

  2. ADAMNUT says:

    I just watched Jackass 2 last night. It would seem by that other chicken’s comment, that he did too.

  3. 2Rabbits says:

    “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” -Sigmund Freud

  4. Laura says:

    Please make this into a sketch “journal” on CafePress so I can buy it. šŸ˜‰

  5. Ada says:

    That’s f-ing brilliant! As much as I love modern art, sometimes it’s all just a buttcrack.

  6. Twyla says:

    I’m a Fine Art Honors student who is currently in an Art History Modernism class.

    I think I speak for all my peers when I saw BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA *gasp* hahaha.

  7. Ebert says:

    fan-bloody-tastic!!! So true!

    That sounded like some critics review of a movie…

  8. Anonymous says:

    other things it might be:
    1) closeup of a nose hair
    2) Bottom half of a telephone pole
    3) capital “I”, (Arial font)
    4) the top two bricks in an arch
    5) 60’s style wind-out window
    6) view of Dolly parton when you aren’t looking her in the eye

  9. jqln says:

    and what a sad, sad buttcrack it is, at that…

  10. Anonymous says:

    MY GOD! Someone has finally recognized my work for what it really is!

  11. Mark Faxas says:

    I think this is about how subjective postmodernist pieces are, to where the meaning is left to interpretation. Like the “This is not a halfpipe” piece, for instance.

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