Savage Chickens - Zombie Love

For more zombie chickens, see the Halloween page. And there’s still time to enter the Halloween contest!

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8 Responses to Zombie Love

  1. vornn says:


    That has to be the best one ever!

    Thanks for making my day Doug.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “… and sometimes they’d even share the same beak-brush. But never EVER would they share the same toilet paper…”

  3. Ultimo3000 says:


  4. Joel says:

    It’s a census taker …well, at least his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

    -Dinner at the Lecters

  5. TheGreatTimeWaster says:

    *sniff* That was beautiful….
    WAIT! I thought this was for Halloween, not Valentine’s!

  6. Mary Roach says:

    I like the scar on the left-hand chicken’s neck. That’s realistic.

  7. marlena_janae says:

    LOL! It’s so funny it’s almost pathetic.

  8. Anonymous says:


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