Savage Chickens - Brogue

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8 Responses to Brogue

  1. talitha b. says:

    brilliant–this is so funny. especially because last Sunday my friend informed me in all seriousness that the kilt is making a comeback.

  2. Indie_chick13 says:

    plaid is the new black šŸ˜€

  3. Buck Fast says:

    Whit a brammer !

    Gaun yirsel ,pure magic by the way, Dougie-boy

  4. Ada says:

    hmm… i could go for a deep-fried mars bar diet!
    but is this a diet for anorexic chicks? (pun intended)

  5. b. lynch black says:

    it should be “Burr” or “Bhur” — a brogue is the slang word for an Irish accent not a scottish one.

    kilts are making a comeback.

    tartan is the new black.

    love the cartoon.

  6. Sian says:

    Brogue applies equally to Irish and Scottish accents, originally of Irish and Gaelic speakers.
    If you’re going to try the deep fried Mars Bar at home, don’t forget the chips (sc French fries) for the true Glasgow experience.

  7. Broguen Promises says:

    “We are the Brogue… we will assimilate you”

  8. Moire says:

    Oh my… that is absolutely hilarious. As an Ulster-Scot… wow I just have to laugh…

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