Savage Chickens - Check One

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7 Responses to Check One

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha, ha! More hilarious-isity as always:D

  2. The Faux Press says:

    As a sound geek / poet, this appeals on so many levels. Thanks for all your great work, Doug.

  3. Jim Pemberton says:

    Yeah, but it’s always the same poem. You’d think roadies could write something else, although there have been variations including “Check one, check two, Mastercard, Visa.”

    Some variations that I have come up with when doing sound checks on my own mics are “Check, Che… …ne, two, thr… …n you hear me? It so… …ike I’m break… …up” That one gives the sound man some exercise.

    I’ve also sung and scatted the numbers and letters to offer a broader spectral range for things like quick acoustical tuning. This, however, tends to cause roadies to sit down thinking they’re getting a free concert.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Would a Savage Chickens sound check sound like a lot of pen scratching and rustling paper? Or would their be clucking

  5. Ada says:

    Three chickens in one frame? Has this ever happened before??

  6. Ellie T says:

    Thursday, April 20, 2006. Protest Rally. Thay cartoon has numerous chickens in it. Also, there’s another one, but I’ve forgotten what it is, it wasn’t as recent.


  7. Roadie Island Red says:

    every time I’ve ever been to a show where the roadies were chickens they always tested the mics by saying..

    “CHICK-UN two three….”

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