Savage Chickens - Chicken of Doubt

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9 Responses to Chicken of Doubt

  1. Darth Toonist says:

    your lack of faith disturbs me

  2. The Chicken of wild-ass optimism says:

    On the other hand, there might be 30 or 40 grains… maybe even 50!

  3. Anonymous says:

    And how do I know that they didn’t try to sneak one past me, and it’s actually 13 grain?

    Apparently, they were using the keyhole loaf pan.

    “Chicken of doubt.” Beautiful!

  4. Much Gooder says:

    I would love some good bread right about now. Here in Iraq, the bread is a little dry and stale. I can taste the chicken salad now…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does it matter? Can you tell the differance between 9 grain and 12 grain? I don’t think I could. I can respect the doubt however; it reminds me of someone I’m married to.

  6. chikzrkul says:

    I’m with the chicken. I always get short-changed somehow. Check the ingredients on the label, and you’ll see…

  7. Chicken of disillusionment says:

    Oh, it’s 12 grains all right…
    unfortunately, 11 of them are grains OF SAND!!

  8. General Tso says:

    “chicken of doubt”

    sounds like the unknown meat found in Chinese food.

  9. Erica Gieras says:

    so is that 12 different grains or just 12 grains total….dun dun dun…the world may never know.

    I LOVE SAVAGE CHICKENS…so much in fact i just peed a little

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