Savage Chickens - Death and the Poet

Today’s cartoon and others appear in issue #5 of Sphinx, a magazine for poetry people. Get your own copy at Happenstance.

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5 Responses to Death and the Poet

  1. Kat Poemer says:

    …but always about DEAD kittens

  2. Much Gooder says:

    Do kittens really have nine lives?

  3. Jim Pemberton says:

    Kittens grow up to be cats. Cats kill and eat birds like chickens. This should be a terrifying proposition for the chicken.

  4. TheGreatTimeWaster says:

    It’s still a bit disturbing that Death has a beak.

    I’m voting for SC every day until cut-off time. What’s more, I’m going to trick….I mean convince my friends to do the same.
    Good Luck, Doug!

  5. Anonymous says:

    No, not so disturbing… death is the image of it’s target… death for chickens got beak, death for ducks have bills, etc… blah, who cares, we’re all destined for a box.

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