Savage Chickens - Excellence in Management 5

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7 Responses to Excellence in Management 5

  1. fuzed says:

    thanks many times. do you know how often i hear that xxxx from highly paid executives. Talk about mangling a language, just to sound better.

  2. WhizGidget says:

    Yay Prod! I was wondering when there was going to be another lesson to learn!

    Classic. This one’s classic.

  3. caffeinatedpoet says:

    Hi, Doug! My boyfriend (also named Doug) and I were hiking in the woods for my birthday, and we saw these wild turkeys. They were kinda evil looking and seemed to be stalking us. Knowing my love of SC, he says, “Ooo, look! Savage turkeys! The distant, but equally ferocious cousins to the Savage Chickens!”

    So we were thinking… maybe the SC and ST could team up against all the evil farmers/hunters of the woodland realm! Poultry of the world, UNITE!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Jefffff45452 says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha! In the first panel the chicken looks shocked, and in the second panel he looks awed. I guess that’s what big, obscure words do to simple minds…

  7. Frank says:

    Even better, according to these rules…

    “Operationalize this initiative immediately.”

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