Savage Chickens - Useless Mutants 3

Joining forces with Hoverboy and Gastrika!

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9 Responses to Useless Mutants 3

  1. jon hanson says:

    “Plastique Chicken!”, surely.

  2. Jen says:

    Boom Chicka Boom?

  3. FeelEnergy says:

    okay – you got me! i can’t think how this one could be useful to frogs at all…

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey chicken, go into that resturant and see if they have frogs legs. if they do give me the signal

    Whats the signal mr frog?

    Oh, i dont know… just give me a big overacted stretch. will that work?

    Ok mr frog.

  5. Whitney M says:

    For another mutant chicken, you should do a version of “The Hills Have Eyes”… but make it something like “The Hills Have Chickens” hahah. It sounds like it would be interesting!

  6. FeelEnergy says:

    I like this, anonymous – it made me laugh more than Doug’s cartoon today (shhh! don’t tell Doug!)

    Damned clever those frogs!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Boom Chicka Boom….ha ha ha…doncha just love it?

  8. Big Egg says:

    Plastique Man was given his powers when he was bitten by a radioactive rubber band.

  9. j says:

    this is an actual super villain
    look her up

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