Savage Chickens - Yet Another Friday the 13th

Terrifying stuff.

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12 Responses to Yet Another Friday the 13th

  1. MedStudentWife says:



  2. chikzrkul says:

    HAHAHAHA! I can guarantee that’s NOT why my husband watches horror flicks! More my speed, actually. I’m really into strangler figs. 🙂

  3. ChickeeBoo says:

    I love your cartoons.
    Thanks for posting them!
    Savage Chickens forever!!!

  4. Deb says:

    Now THAT was funny.

  5. tazcat says:


    ‘nuf said.

  6. Jen says:

    Man-Eating Violets II: Revenge of Martha Stewart :0

  7. Anonymous says:

    [groan] Nice 🙂

  8. Brian says:

    Ha! LOL. That’s hilarious!

  9. highnez says:

    So that’s what the knife is for!

    Flower arranging, not brutal slaying and slashing.

  10. momto3blessings says:

    Too funny!

  11. Fish says:

    See, this is perfect! Both the Slasher flick lovers and the Gardeners can enjoy this one!

  12. Raquel says:

    I love this one… 🙂

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