Savage Chickens - Hammerhead

More Aquachicken.

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6 Responses to Hammerhead

  1. Jen says:

    Oh Aquachicken! Always after the exotic ‘catch’ but you’ll never win with that line. :/

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    If he sings “If I had a hammer” to hammer head sharks, What does he sing to:

    1) killer whales
    2) shrimp
    3) flounder
    4) octopi
    5) mussels
    6) tuna

  3. kthompsn says:

    Chicken of the Sea? Charlie will be jealous.

  4. Doug Savage says:

    Captain Obvious, how about these?

    1) I’m Just a Killer For Your Love – Blur
    2) Tiny Dancer – Elton John
    3) Lost In Love – Air Supply
    4) (I Just) Died in your Arms – Cutting Crew
    5) Don’t Shut Me Out – Keith Urban
    6) I Can – 50 Cent

  5. newsong says:

    Doug, your answer to Captain Obvious for number four made me laugh 50 times more than the comic. =D

  6. M-L says:

    Oh Doug,
    I’d die in your arms…hilarity!

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