Savage Chickens - Ten Miles

More annoyance.

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9 Responses to Ten Miles

  1. Molly says:

    Dear Doug

    I and my Mother (Who I got to read them) have been a loyal Savage Chickens fans for the past 3 years now. Every day your comic makes us laugh or smile. Sometimes both. My 16th Birthday is on Wednesday and I was just wondering if I could get a some kind of Birthday Chicken prehaps? I just think that would be really super cool.

    Thank you,

  2. Anonymous says:

    So the question is, why did the chicken run across the road. And 10 Miles? That is one heck of a multi-lane highway!


  3. belphebe says:

    ooh, t-shirt, t-shirt!!

    I would wear this while standing and watching people running in one of the many races.

    Either this shirt or your other “spectator” shirt.

  4. Nick says:

    How many lessons will be in this series?

  5. Seraphine says:

    It’s the classic question:
    Which chicken is being
    the most annoying?

  6. Nelvam says:

    So, can I be this annoying only drinking half a glass of wine? I might try that.

  7. Michelle says:

    I got a bit of ribbing about my running from my husband because of this comic, Doug! Very funny!!

  8. funspirit says:

    Too funny! I bookmarked you site and should have subscribed – these cartoons are hilarious! (I’ve wanted to say something like that myself.)

    I’ve subscribed now and look forward to the daily laugh! :0)

  9. Sadie says:

    Dearest Doug– Excellent! I can’t help but picture your bear filled with unspeakable rage lurking somewhere nearby and listening to this conversation, LOL!

    I would LOVE to have this on a cup or a teddy bear! I would also love to see the Island of Misfit Toys cartoon printed on a cup, etc.!

    What will the chickens be doing for Oktoberfest? Hmmm? 🙂

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