Savage Chickens - Any Card

More cards.

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8 Responses to Any Card

  1. Cheesie and Brownie says:

    lol! This one is like the “press any key” geek joke

  2. Sarah Louise says:

    cackle! you made me laugh!! Thank you!! Hey, it’s my birthday on Wednesday…

    SL, librarian

  3. Ev says:

    that’s how all my card tricks end too

  4. Ryan says:

    Haha, sweet! Reminds me of the only card trick I can remember how to do.=P

  5. Seraphine says:

    Of all those cards,
    how did the chicken
    learn to pick that
    one? Pretty good!

  6. Ms Hairy says:

    Playing the Fool card eh?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t chickens not have fingers? How would that chicken pick the card?

  8. vsync says:

    You should sell a shirt of this one. I can wear it to the poker game.

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