Savage Chickens - Loud Talker

More annoyance.

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20 Responses to Loud Talker

  1. Robert Williams says:

    Thanks for this one, Doug! I hate sharing my commuter train with people who talk too loudly. One woman who does it sounds EXACTLY like Fred Flinstone’s friend, Barney Rubble.

  2. Jen says:

    Thank you! My biggest pet peeve.

  3. Lindsy says:

    Isn’t EVERYONE interested in MY cell phone conversation??

  4. lemon says:

    i do that all the time so now i hide when im on the phone!

  5. lioness says:

    I have a freind like that. It is very embarassing to be near her when she is on the phone. I usually just walk away….Ugh…don’t care people!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is gonna sound really crass, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of *those* people “accidentally” get a cell phone jammed down their esophagus.

    Still love the angry chickens, Doug.

  7. Hyman says:

    Even tasteless comics about annoying cell phone users are annoying!! Take this outside, it is way too loud!

  8. Boo says:

    [wipes away tears of laughter]! (Another) one of my pet peeves, immortalized by Mr. Savage.

  9. BarefootMedia says:

    blahblahblah I almost blahblahblah
    blahblahblah missed the blahblahblah
    blahblahblah message! blahblahblah

  10. Anonymous says:

    Perfect! Restaurants are the worst but a close second is when you are trapped in the secured zone at an airport waiting. How many business meetings must I attend!!!

  11. belphebe says:

    You do learn the most interesting things about some people from their conversations. As a bystander it’s annoying, but as a writer it’s great stuff!

  12. Seraphine says:

    At breakfast the other day,
    the girl at the next table
    talked on her cell the whole
    time and didn’t say anything
    mildly interesting. How lame
    is that? If your are going to
    be annoying, at least be interesting!

  13. Feisty Girl says:

    oooh. I know this person. I HATE this person.
    Another fabulous cartoon, thank you!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Robert W., I think you and I ride the same train. And I think I sat next to her yesterday. Even the ear plugs didn’t drown her out.

  15. Sian says:

    Who’s the 3rd chicken? I thought there were only two Savage chickens, but my comfortable world has been shattered.

  16. cannv25 says:

    I work at Red Lobster and I actually had two people in a booth sitting across from each other talking on their cell phones to one another. Go figure…..

  17. abinikai says:

    That’s my dad. No doubt about it. At least he’s often mildly entertaining.

  18. Tati Viana says:

    Hi Savage!
    Great cartoons!
    I’m drawer too ^^.
    I will come here more times!

  19. secret squirrel says:

    my experience was the teenage girl on the train that kept saying-“OH MY GOD…ARE YOU SERIOUS” every 5-10 seconds…i thought -oh my, something serious must have happened…..AND then she said….”he had his hair cut…OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS” It was in that moment,right there on the train,that i realised i was getting old…sigh

  20. Armenissa says:

    in reply to secret squirrel : when your bf has longer hair than you, and decides to cut it.. then it IS serious.

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