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More bunnies.

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9 Responses to Bunnies

  1. Rob says:

    Those statues are very frightening to me.

  2. Buster Eanny says:

    Easter Island?

    I would have guessed “Borneo Abbits”

    If it were Easter Island, the ears would be chewed off…

  3. Seraphine says:

    Whose hare-brained idea was that?

  4. BarefootMedia says:

    Ahhh…now I finally understand the name of those peculiar Pacific islands.

    What wonder of the world will next be revealed to me?!

  5. Wes Hawk says:

    You’ve outdone yourself.

    Top notch.

  6. sblake says:

    The shobox blog seems to have had th4 same idea:

    see:Brian’s Brain Mar 20

  7. brian says:

    Hey Doug, looks like great minds think alike, eh? Well, sorta alike. I actually like yours better…
    Damn it. 🙂


  8. Doug Savage says:

    thanks Brian! damn i should’ve known somebody would’ve tried this idea before! Love your version too!

  9. Robert Williams says:


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