Savage Chickens - Drink Beer

Another Thursday.

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18 Responses to Drink Beer

  1. ramonathepest says:

    oh my god…chickens drink on Thursdays…is there anyway you could let me meet them, Doug?

  2. Dar EL says:

    “Chicken and beer….!” So Ludicris was right!

  3. Klara says:

    If the chickens do it, so must I. Anyone for beer?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The chickens are welcome on our house.

  5. lioness says:

    sounds like a plan to me!!

  6. tazcat says:

    Hell, this is how I feel MOST days. It’s too bad that I’m such a responsible person. I never do get that beer… *sigh*

  7. Jen says:

    Beer-sponsored slacking! That’s genius!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Doug!
    I like that one 😀
    I have an idea for another one:
    Chicken goes to work, and then says
    “Oeh! Forgot my sleepy hat!”

    (Lazy chicken!)

  9. Ada says:

    hmmm sounds like the chickens go to my university (where student appreciation night is Thursdays :D)

  10. Seraphine says:

    I love marketing groups and lifestyle ads. They can make jumping into boiling lava sound fun.

  11. Gumbeaux Gal says:

    It’s official. I’m leaving work to go drinking. The chickens told me to do it. 😛

  12. Sister Mary says:

    My hair was chicken yellow, but I got it fixed and toned today. So, this calls for a celebration! Beer for me! I look for little things to make me want to celebrate. If something great happened, I would have to do shots.

  13. Adam D says:

    I love to drink beer! Never been sober ONCE!

  14. NotHatingJustSaying says:

    What kind of beer do chickens drink?

  15. Chris says:

    Every day is a good day for beer in my book.

  16. Edric Hsu says:

    Ohhh… so THAT’s why the Chickens cross the road on Thursdays…

  17. Shirley says:

    Dang! Dinner that will deliver beer?

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