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Hey you poets out there – today’s cartoon, and a bunch of other new ones, are in the latest issue of Sphinx.

And here’s more editing!

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7 Responses to Editor

  1. caffeinatedpoet says:

    No matter how nicely worded the rejection letter (or more likely, no letter at all, just the stinging silence of an empty mailbox), it still feels the same. They might as well just write “FAIL!!!” in big red letters across your precious submission. *wince*

    Nicely done, Doug. You have captured the angst of the unpublished poet…. Now go draw some more literary cartoons to cheer me up! 🙂

  2. aly says:

    Hahaha! As a writer, I appreciate this one. Congrats on your publication in Sphinx, Doug! That’s very cool.

  3. Seraphine says:

    oh my god, you made me
    burst out laughing with
    this one. it’s become my
    new allttime favorite!!!

  4. Rejected! says:

    So…the key is to coat your paper submission in absorbable anti-rejection meds?

    (I’ve tried covering them with liquid hallucingenics, but it seems editors prefer their own supply…)

  5. for the the cheek of it says:

    Erm, sorry to be an uncultured lout, but what is Sphinx? I checked the link and it said something about chapbooks and rumps, which I don’t believe belong together in the same sentence, frankly…

  6. sblake says:

    Oh my God Doug.
    There is a precedent here in Australia. One of our great media moguls Kerry Packer (once the richest man in Australia and owner of several newspapers) collapsed and was donated a kidney by his helicopter pilot.It was a cuase celebre and ended up being one of those “heartwarmning” stories, you know, editor with piles of money gets kidney from poor employee!!!

  7. Karol says:

    You also have touched on the angst of the kidney patient. That’s the word you never want to hear!
    Living donors ROCK!

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